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Through the efforts of the many volunteers of TIHAN we hope to ensure that accurate information regarding HIV and AIDS is available to all of our communities in Tucson, and that the fear surrounding the epidemic will be replaced with knowledge and compassion.

Read a few of the stories of the people we help to understand the need.

Denise's Story: Born deaf and weighing only three pounds, Denise has endured much pain and many challenges in her brief 54 years, including living with HIV.

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Phil's Story: In 2001, Phil became deathly ill. Doctors diagnosed him with a frightening array of serious ailments...

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Georgeannie’s Story: Georgeannie talks about living with HIV, and how you—through TIHAN—make a difference to her.

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AnnMarie's Story: AnnMarie is a wife, a mother, and a woman living with HIV. As she tells her story, you feel the emotion…

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Wayne's Story: Wayne has dedicated his life to confronting stigma and educating people about HIV/AIDS with bravery, creativity, and humor.

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Chewee’s Story: When he was first introduced to TIHAN in 2000, Chewee was not really interested in being social and had little contact with the agency. He had a secret that he wanted to keep well hidden…

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Suzan's Story: Suzan shares her story of living and thriving with HIV. After being ill for many months, she was eventually tested for HIV and the test was positive, a moment that changed her life forever.

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Butch's Story: In the early days of the AIDS crisis, before the disease had a name, before it had killed 25 million people, before it had infected the 33 million people currently living with HIV, Butch was living in one of the epicenters of the disease…

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You Are Not Alone

Your health and well-being are foremost in our minds. We at TIHAN stand with you in good times and during challenging times. Please know that there are a wealth of mental/ behavioral health resources available to offer support. For a list of resources, click here.

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